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Stroud Nordic Walking is an ‘Outdoor Health Club’ where we enjoy the beautiful Cotswold surroundings whilst turning our ‘walks into a workout’, meet new people and benefit from being outdoors in all weather.

We offer regular Free Taster Sessions, Learn to Nordic Walk courses and Weekly Group Walks.

Whether your goal is to get fitter, loose weight, meet new people, explore the local surroundings or simply enjoy the beautiful outdoors, please join us and we will do all we can to support you to reach your goals – whilst having fun.

We believe that Nordic Walking is beneficial and an effective form of exercise for everyone, regardless of fitness level, ability and age.

If you haven’t already experienced the difference it makes to walk with poles, join us for a Free Taster Session to try it out for yourself.

Presently we offer regular Taster Sessions, Learn to Nordic Walk courses and weekly Adventure and Workout group walks on evenings and weekends.

We hope to soon expand to offer an even wider variety of walks.

Akhila Underhill

When running started to make my knees and feet hurt, I was looking for another way to exercise. As I love being outdoors, walking was the obvious answer. But with two children and a full time job, I wanted to get the most out of my walks and found Nordic Walking. Being Swedish, I grew up with cross-country skiing and seen people walking with poles, so my first reaction was ‘do I really need to do a course to learn this’? But the ‘Learn to Nordic Walk Course’ taught me so much. The benefit and joy was immediate.

Having recently moved to the beautiful Cotswolds, I am now excited to bring Nordic Walking to Stroud and the surroundings as I believe that Nordic Walking has something to offer everyone. People of different age and fitness levels can come together, exercise and have fun.

As a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor I am keen to support individuals and help them to achieve their own goals, whether it might be to improve their fitness level, loose weight, meet new people or simply enjoy the wonderful outdoors.


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